Middlesex County High Point Trip Report

Date: April 11, 2003
Author: Clifford Young

I pre-programmed the coordinates from Gene Daniell's GPS listing in Fred Lobdell's report into mine. Using this, I followed the first part of Fred's directions and after about 0.6 mile went straight toward the highpoint off to the right of the trail. I came out on the trail again just a few feet below the junction with the Wapack Trail.

Mike Schwartz' trip report states the sign says 0.6 mile to the Wapack Trail from the State Line Trail junction. The sign actually says it is 0.06 mile and is correct. From the unmarked side trail where it crosses the stone wall it is only about 150 feet north to the large tree mentioned by Fred. Just to the east about 100 feet there were dozens of blue ribbons tied in a seemingly random pattern generally paralleling the county line. I scouted around a bit and could come up with no logical reason for them.