Plymouth County Highpoint Trip Report

Manomet Hill

Date: October 28, 2007
Author: Dave Dunham

The previous trip report directions are still accurate. We parked at the bike/boat shop and walked to the first gate. The gate is posted as it leads to the fenced off antenna (not the Radio tower to the south of the bike shop). The south fence of the antennae has a gate with no lock. After passing through the gate there is a well worn path that runs west to the main trail on the topo map. We followed the main trail to the summit. There are additional ATV trails that branch off from the main trail but it is obvious which the main trail to the top is. It climbs steadily and maintains a south western heading. We could not find the 395-foot benchmark but did find what appeared to be the remains of the benchmark on a rock at the summit.

It took about 15 minutes for a leisurely stroll to the summit and about 10 minutes to walk back. The main trail does not appear to be posted and the fence around the antenna can be avoided with a very short bushwhack to the herd path.