Anne Arundel County High Point Trip Report

four areas

Date: June 20, 2000
Author: Mike Schwartz

unnamed area - "TV Tower" on map

This is the area reported on by Glenn Bock in July 1998. His report remains valid, except that the "left onto Fields Road" that he mentions should be a right turn. I agree with him that the house at 1985 Fields Road sits on or near the high point, which looked to be on the lawn. The sign with Glenn's inscription on the back is gone. From the size of the closed 300' contour and the relative flatness of the other three areas, I also share Glenn's opinion that this is the true county high point.

unnamed point 2200' east of the "TV Tower"

From the junction of MD 175 and 713, go north on 713 (Ridge Road) about 0.2 miles to a left at Metacomet Road. Drive into the housing development and make a left onto the cul-de-sac Nipmuck Path. There's room to park a car at the end, and an obvious trail leading into the woods. Follow this to the rim of a large sand pit and see high ground on the far right. It's easy crossing the pit to a trail leading up to the high point, which has a remnant concrete slab and a view of the "TV Tower" 2200 feet distant. This area is a maze of look-alike trails, so check out the view back as you hike to the sand pit rim.

unnamed area - "Tower" on map

This area is on Fort Meade, an open Army post with no access problems. From the junction of MD 175 and 713, go south on 713 (here named Rockenbach Road) onto the base. At 1.3 miles, turn right onto Cooper Road, follow it through a military housing area (watch speed limits -- many children are present, and the military police are tough). The road eventually deteriorates and leads to a large microwave tower and other communications facilities. The highest ground appeared to be on the road between the large microwave tower and building 3904, and is 2.4 miles in from the 175/713 junction.

unnamed area just east of Maryland City

This area has been extensively disturbed since the last map revision. The closed contour shown is now occupied by a shopping center. The middle of the parking lot in front is a relative high spot. What appears to be the current highest ground is reached by going 0.3 miles west of the Baltimore-Washington Parkway on MD 198, then turning left onto Red Clay Road. Go 0.2 miles and turn into the parking lot for the Ashley complex. The high ground at the edge of that lot appears higher than anything in the shopping center. This conflicts with the map, but I suspect the entire top of the hill was scraped down to create level ground for the shopping center. In the shopping center just west of Red Clay Road is the Chungking Chinese Restaurant, with the best hot and sour soup this side of New Jersey.