Anne Arundel County High Point Trip Report

Date: January 2002
Author: Daniel Case

To reach this area from I-95, get off on MD 175 at Exit 41 and head east (I think) toward Jessup.

You will pass Patuxent and Jessup state prisons in the three miles it takes you to get to the Baltimore-Washington Parkway. From the top of the rise near the former (in Howard County) you will be able to see this bump and tower briefly.

Just past the parkway is the Clark Road intersection. Bear in mind that Field (not Fields) Road is a one-lane road that looks like a driveway for all intents and purposes (although the sign doesn't say so, it's probably a private road serving just those few houses off it). If someone else wants to come the other way, one of you will have to change their mind. It also becomes a dirt road just past 1985, on the way to the antenna (which actually looks to be more like a cell-phone tower these days).

But you needn't go that far in. I share Mike Schwartz's speculation that the front lawn of 1985 probably contains the HP. In fact, I'd say, you can just park at the foot of Field and walk up the road a couple hundred feet to the second cedar tree on the right and stand next to it, as it seems the pretty clear winner to me, although I'd grant there might be some spots in the house's side yard to the north that might come within inches. I also hit the spots on both sides of Field on the cut near the driveway to be on the safe side.