Anne Arundel County High Point Trip Report

Date: December 8, 2003
Author: Chip Clark

I had a very interesting climb of my fourth and final Anne Arundel MD CoHP. I had previously done three of the four points in February, but the fourth is on Fort Meade and on the previous trip I did not have my government ID to get on base. I was on my way to BWI airport for a trip, and stopped in at Fort Meade along the way. The directions posted on the CoHP site were accurate.

However, when I reached the summit, I was approached by an NSA (National Security Agency) guard carrying an M-16. I told him why I was there, he stated the summit area is now restricted, and was concerned about the GPS I was carrying. After the base MPs showed up, both security teams took a great deal of information, and after confirming that I was who I said I was, sent me on my way. However, I got to BWI and realized I didn't get my driver's license back! So I returned to Fort Meade, and after both organizations stated they didn't have the license, we all went back to the summit and found the license in a snow bank where it had been dropped.

Bottom line: this Anne Arundel point should be considered closed to non-official visitors for the foreseeable future. The only way I got this hp was through 1) ignorance of the situation, and 2) being honest and forthright about why I was there, and 3) polite throughout the period I was there. The folks I dealt with were very professional, but I don't know how future visitors might be treated, particularly if they aren't on their best behavior or tried to somehow stealth the point.