Anne Arundel County Highpoint Trip Report

four areas (300+ ft)

Date: April 20, 2006
Author: Fred Lobdell

This county and its high point areas have been the subject of some discussion. Based largely on Don Desrosiers's research, a consensus seems to have been reached that the area containing "TV Tower" on the topo is the true HP and that the ground in front of 1685 Fields Road is the highest ground in this area. Thus, I visited three of the four areas, omitting the one on Fort Meade which is largely inaccessible.

1. unnamed area, "TV Tower" on map: This is the area that recent mapping using a 2-foot contour interval seems to indicate is the true high point. The mapping is supported by Don Derosiers's personal observations during winter, at which time he could see both this area and the area on Fort Meade.

Previous trip reports give directions to this area. I rang the bell at 1985 Fields Road and chatted with the property owner. He was somewhat reserved at first but mellowed as we conversed and in the end had no problem with my wandering over his front lawn. He gave me some of the history and geography of the area and we parted on amicable terms.

2. unnamed area 2200 feet east of "TV Tower": I found this area exactly as described in Mike Schwartz's report.

3. unnamed area just east of Maryland City: I followed Mike's directions to the area he thought is the highest in the vicinity and it is indeed higher than most of the surrounding terrain. However, I also stood on the high ground on the front lawn of a medical facility building which faced MD 198 and may be what's left of the original 300-foot contour shown on the old topo.

I thank Mike Schwartz for his detailed trip report and Don Desrosiers for his research on this county's high areas.