Baltimore County High Point Trip Report

966 ft

Author: Glenn Bock

Area Location: Mason-Dixon Line near Stiltz, PA on Middletown Rd.

Maps: Lineboro Quad, DeLorme 74

Route: North on Middletown Road toward Mason-Dixon Line (MD-PA border). HighPoint is South of the road to Bethlehem Church (the road is entirely North of the border) near buildings south of this road.

Alternate route: From Baltimore North on 83 to Middletown Rd. for 9 miles to PA/MD Line. At this intersection the road changes name from Middletown (MD) to Steltz (PA) There is a stop sign coming from the south, the summit should be to your Left if you are sitting at the stop sign.

Points of Interest Nearby -

Tourism: 800-570-2836 or 410-887-8040
Hampton National Historic Site (410)-962-0688
Gunpowder Falls State Park
Basignani Winery: Sparks

US History in the County: The first race between a locomotive and a horse-drawn vehicle occurred August 25, 1830 starting in Baltimore.

Historical Notes: Baltimore County was first formed in 1659 and is named for George Calvert's barony in Ireland, from which he took his own title of Lord Baltimore.

Description of HighPoint: There are two buildings on either side of Middletown Road that have signs on them for a Notary Public, the HighPoint appears to be between them in the roadway. There appears to be a private road to the west of the intersection that goes to Mason-Dixon Marker #55, this road is marked as private/no tresspassing.