Calvert County Highpoint Trip Report

57 areas (180-199 ft) or 5 areas (190-199 ft)

Date: March 25, 2006
Authors: Chip Clark, Don Desrosiers, Fred Lobdell, Mike Schwartz

Note: All coordinates use the NAD27 datum.

One the minus side, according to the outdated USGS quads, this county has 57 possible areas which are a boatload in anybody's book. On the seriously plus side, this county is undergoing rapid development as a bedroom community of DC. A number of the points have gone away. For example, the point near Dunkirk has been visibly removed, is a clear depression, and now contains a Safeway. Calvert County Planning and Zoning, along with several other counties in southern Maryland, have gotten serious money from the state and the feds (as part of Chesapeake Bay revitalization) to accurately map their county. What we now have available from the county is a map with 5 foot contours at a 1:24000 scale with feet on the ground verification of many points. Further, they have a spot elevation database that is a wonder to behold.

Why do we care? It means there are only 5 areas over 190 feet in this county. What follows is a report of our journey to them. Due to Chip's intimate knowledge of back roads, the route is difficult to describe. Use a good map.

It should be noted that several of the spots visited were part of large clusters of points. In all cases, the point indicated by the county was clearly higher than all other surrounding points. Thus, many points could also be declared IBI (Ignored by Inspection).

#1 (38:44:17N, 76:39:09W, Lower Marlboro quad). From the intersection of MD Route 4 and Brickhouse Road, go east on Brickhouse for 4/10 mile and turn left onto Green Acres Court into the trailer park. At the top of the obvious rise, park and walk steeply up the dirt road to the top of the hill. The county believes this point is 195.5 feet. This point is also the only 195 contour on any of the county maps.

#2 (38:41:11N, 76:36:32W, North Beach quad). At the corner of Skinners Turn Road and Investment Road, the local HP is across the farm field and into the woods. Previous reports would indicate the HP is right along the street. We believed previous reports to be incorrect. (194.6 feet)

#3 (38:41:02N, 76:37:39W, Lower Marlboro quad). 1700 Candlestick Lane (Skinners Turn -> Lake Shore -> Candlestick. House on corner) HP is in driveway of house and is 190.3 feet.

#4 (38:40:55N, 76:37:05W, North Beach quad) near 7320 Clyde Jones Road. Park at the bottom due to limited space at the top. Follow your nose up the obvious and reasonably steep slope to 192.3 feet.

#5 (38:41:54N, 76:36:16W, North Beach quad). Mount Harmony United Methodist Church is at the corner of Mount Harmony Road and Mount Harmony Lane. According to the county, the edge of the cemetery to the east of the church is 193.2 feet. There also appeared to be a point about 1/4 mile further east in a field that looked nearly as high, although we did not subject the second point to a rigorous scoping. Worth a visit since it is right there.

#6 (38:42:11N, 76:35:12W, North Beach quad). Because it was close and at 189.1 feet is the highest point less than 190. This point is west of the Route 260 intersection in Paris. A road now runs over the highest point. We were able to achieve a previously unheard-of perfect synchronized quadruple Martinization without removal of seat belts. Thank heaven for the double rear doors in Fred's van! We defy anyone to break *THAT* record!

The result of (mostly Chip's) hard research is that Chip now has a home glob of nonzero size, with a home glob radius that extends to the next county south (Saint Marys).