Carroll County High Point Trip Report

about 1120 ft

Author: Glenn Bock

Area Location: 3.9 miles NorthWest of Manchester; 0.4 miles SSW of Wentz near Marriotsville.

Maps: Manchester Quad, DeLorme 74

Route: This is a hilltop on private property. Travel Northwest from Manghester on MD route 30. About 1.1 miles North of the intersection of MD route 496 (Bachmand Valley Rd.) with Route 30 (and about 1/8 mile North of the tiny community of Wentz), turn left onto Harvey Yingling Road. (You have just passed Mount Ventus Rd. No.1 on your right) Proceed on Harvey Yingling Rd. about 1/2 mile. At a sharp left curve, look to your right.

Points of Interest Nearby -

County Tourism: 800-272-1933
Gunpowder Falls State Park
Montbray Wine Cellars, LTD.: 818 Silver Run Valley Rd.
Aspen Run Winery: Aspen Run
There is a road immediately north of the state line on Rt. 30. Take a left on this, to the south of this road is Mason-Dixon Marker #63.

Historical/Cultural Areas -

Historical Society of Carroll County: 206 & 210 East Main Street, Westminster Union Hills Homestead & Grist Mill: Union Mills

US History in the County: The B&O railroad became the first to carry troops from Sykesville, June 30, 1831.

Picnic Area: Near the intersection of Rt. 496 & 27

Historical Notes: Carroll County was formed in 1836, and named after Charles Carroll of Carrolllton, the longest surviving signer of the Declaration of Independence. Many of the early settlers were German, followed by English, Irish and Scots. The county has at least two claims to fame: one is the birthplace of Francis Scott Key, author of the words of the Star Spangled Banner, and the other is an important shrine to Methodism, near Sam's Creek. The county was the scene of many troop movements in 1863, which inspired the book with the title "Just South of Gettysburg."

Description of HighPoint: Private property probably in the more heavily forested area, to the north of the gravel road.