Garrett County Highpoint Trip Report

Backbone Mtn (3,360 ft)

Date: January 28, 2006
Authors: Don Desrosiers and Chip Clark

Although both we had done this peak previously, we figured that since we were in the vicinity, and since neither of us had done this one in the winter, we would.

From the Preston WV HP, we came back to the dirt road at the 3200 foot level and went north. Whenever there was a fork in the road we stayed in WV and ended up with no bushwhacking at all. Note: We later learned that this route had been discovered previously but was unpublished.

After a little over a mile, we came to the main orange-blazed trail to the HP. We found the #3 state line marker (took picture) and continued along to the HP (took more pictures). Each of us recall the trail as having been much more rigorous in previous trips. There is now a very good view to the east.

Went back toward the Preston WV point to get to the car.