Howard County High Point Trip Report

2 unnamed points 1,700 ft apart at NW corner of county (880+ ft)

(one point shared with Montgomery)

Date: May 7, 2000
Author: Dan Case

The point totally within the county is a microwave tower. Exiting I-70 at MD 27 and heading south toward Damascus, within a quarter-mile Penn Shop Road crosses at a traffic light (remember this .... it's how you get to the other area and the Montgomery HP). Keep going to the left turn a few hundred feet further.

Then it's practically a hop, skip and jump to the microwave tower, painted red and white and obvious from some distance away (I approached from the south).

I parked in some rude pullouts in the fields next to the road. The tower grounds are fenced off with barbed wire on top and a sign at the front says "111th Signal Battalion, Fort Ritchie, MD. Call watch officer at 301-[faded off]."

However, a scamper of a hundred feet along the north fence line puts you on the highest ground, and if there's any difference between it and anything within the fence, it's a few inches.

You can easily see the other area from here. For directions to it, look under Montgomery County.