Prince George's County High Point Trip Report

area surrounding Jack Collins' neighbor's house (440+ ft)

Date: June 9, 2002
Author: Barney Metz

I used a combination of trip reports from Roy Wallen and Dan Case. Both were very accurate. Get off I-95 onto State Highway 198. Head towards Burtonville. You will take a right at Riding Stable Road. Head back to the town of Hillsborough. I missed the county line from both directions several times. A sign marks the county line, however, this sign cannot be seen as a tree covers it up. If you are coming from MD-198, you will see that most properties are older homes on large lots (1-10 acres). As you progress towards Hillsborough you will notice that the lot sizes become smaller and if you come across Julie Lane, then you have gone too far, turn around and go back. A wooden fence on the property of Mr. Collins' neighbor shows the county line. I spent a few passes up and down this road until I figured out the house that I needed.

I failed to write Mr. Jack Collins' address down. His house is on the right side if you come from MD-198 and on the left if approaching from Julie Lane. Either way his home is on the south side of Riding Stable Road. His house is a brick house on a small rise at the end of a paved driveway and there is a large and very well maintained brown barn at the end of his drive on the rise. The barn and the house are side by side. There is one other white house to the southwest of Mr. Collins' home. Apparently there was a tower of some sort here and there are footing for the old tower that Mr. Collins will gladly show you where they are located. You can only see one BM as the rest are buried. The true county highpoint is either under the house of his neighbor or the southwest of it towards the county line. I touched the BM and tromped the ground around his neighbor's house to ensure I crossed over the Prince George County Highpoint.

Mr. Collins is very generous and willing to receive highpointers without any prior notification. He has lived there quite a spell and has excellent knowledge of the local area and neighbors. He was a horse trainer and the day I was there the Belmont had been run and his friend's horse came in fourth. The tan house mentioned in Roy Wallen's report is white now. A younger couple lives there and neither was home at the time of my visit. They own the property that the highpoint lies upon.