Prince George's County High Point Trip Report

Date: February 14, 2003
Author: Chip Clark

After being denied the Fort Meade High Point in Anne Arundel County, I proceeded several miles west to the Prince George's County highpoint. The property the highpoint is located on is owned by Jane Hamerlink and Ron Dlouhy; the address is 6001 Brooklyn Bridge Road. If you are approaching from Route 198 along Riding Stable Road (as most probably will) please note that at the county line (the sign is hidden in the Bradford pears on the right) the name of the road changes to Brooklyn Bridge. The house is a white farmhouse on the ridge on the right. Proceed up the paved driveway and park near the chocolate-colored barn owned by the neighbor, Jack Collins.

I spoke with Jane Hamerlink for about 15 minutes or so. She has no problem with county highpointers visiting unannounced. (I believe the thought balloon over her head concerning "county highpointing" was "nutty but harmless".) The couple is renovating the house and putting a lot of nice work into it. The actual highpoint is probably now the first floor of the house, but the next best area is probably near the chicken coop.