Somerset County Highpoint Trip Report

two points (49-53 ft)

Date: December 27, 2005
Author: Don Desrosiers

Mike Schwartz's fine directions should get you there but a couple of clarifications might help.

Flower Hill Road is 0.7 mile south of the county line on U.S. 13. Backbone Road is at the first stop sign and Meadow Bridge Road is at the "T" intersection at the 2nd stop sign.

For the northern area, I felt the HP was between the cemetery and the old house. For the Zion Cemetery area, Meadow Bridge Road seemed to run fairly close to the height of the land, so the highest ground is reasonably close to the road. I liked the area just across from Zion Cemetery but would not be disappointed by the area to the northwest where the power line crosses the road.

As an aside, DeLorme would suggest it is possible to continue north on Meadow Bridge to access U.S. 13. This suggestion is incorrect.