Washington County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: December 15, 2004
Author: Blake Bowers

On Pen Mar Park Road, turn into the Pen Mar Park and High Rock Road. Go 1.8 miles, across numerous speed bumps, and enjoy the overlook, where much hang gliding is done. Continue up the road about 0.8 mile to a US Army gate where the vehicle is checked, all doors open, all compartments open, mirror rolled underneath, engine compartment check, etc. The MPs with the rifles at port arms are DEAD serious. If you clear and IF you have been pre-approved, they will pass you through the gate, and up the hill. Note the signs saying no pictures.

HP appears to be right in front of the old radio station building (still in use but slated for replacement) or possibly farther up about 40 feet to an area near the square tower. (Interesting note, in the 40's, the transmitter building for the radio station actually contained two apartments for the engineers and their families due to the remoteness of the area.)

PLEASE, don't try this without permission, these folks are serious. You are traveling through state of MD land, private land, and federal land, and the Army reigns.