Washington County Highpoint Trip Report

Quirauk Mtn

Date: June 8, 2006
Author: Charlie Zerphey

Initially I contacted my U.S. Congressman, Joseph R. Pitts, with all pertinent information. My request was forwarded to The Department of Defense then to the Department of the Army. T he 21st Signal Brigade subordinate unit controls visits within the fenced in area of federal government property on Quirauk Mountain. It is not necessary to visit the area within this fenced in area, as in my opinion the ground is slightly lower and all of this ground has been leveled in order to build the towers. The radar tower has been recently painted in orange and white. I walked all the terrain outside the fenced area to assure I was on the highest ground.

The Pentagon Force Protection Agency provides guard support and controls access to the area surrounding the federal property. My point of contact was Ellen Britsch, 1-717-878-3736. Mention the Highpointers Club when contacting Ellen. Arrangements must be made and you will be escorted to the highpoint by an armed guard. This guard will arrive at site at your appointed time to escort you.

I don't recommend that you stealth this highpoint as there are armed guards at a gate on the road leading to the summit and another in a guard house within the fenced in area on the summit. These guards have sidearms and shotguns and automatic rifles.

It should be relatively easy to make prior arrangements at this point.