Worcester County Highpoint Trip Report

six areas (about 60-64 ft)

Date: December 27, 2005
Author: Don Desrosiers

#1 (point on county line) - As usual, I started with Mike Schwartz's excellent directions. Saint Lukes Road is also known as MD 513 but otherwise you should be good to go. There was nobody home at "Bob's" house, so I parked back out on Coulbourne Mill Road and walked in along the Wicomico County side of the line, following the GPS. The point is in the woods and quite indistinct. I doubt this one goes much over 60, much less hits 61.

#2 & 3 (2 areas west of Longridge) - If you use the chicken barns as landmarks, finding the proper dirt road is almost trivial. You should be about 300 yards from the western point. Walk along the dirt road for about 150 yards and turn left onto another good dirt road. Continue for about 100 yards then turn 90 degrees to the right into the woods and the small ridge mentioned by Mike. Western point (38° 15' 51.1" N, 75° 31' 51.6" W) seemed obvious. Continue east along the ridge to the lower (in my opinion) eastern point at (38° 15' 51.4" N, 75° 31' 47.1" W). A small house/hunting cabin that has been built just north of this point. Access is clearly by the dirt road(s) you walked in on.

#4 & 5 (2 areas southwest of furnace) - Again, follow Mike's directions and park across from the driveway for #3719. Follow the dirt road northwest for about 450 yards where there should be a rise to your right. Continue around the rise and follow the dirt road toward the point in question then follow your nose (38° 11' 43.2" N, 75° 28' 31.8" W). For the second point (to the east), continue on the first dirt road until the obvious but small rise and bushwhack along the ridge (38° 11' 39.6" N, 75° 28' 42.7" W). I thought there were places on the dirt road that were as high as this point, so you can probably ignore it. By the same token, it is close and easy to accomplish.

#6 (north of Taylor Gate Church) - Since we are on a roll, just follow Mike's directions. They've been good so far. The dirt road was posted but otherwise an easy walk. The distinct crest mentioned by Mike didn't seem that distinct to me but, in his defense, the road goes steeply (for this area) downhill right afterward. The downed tree has been cleared but, otherwise, follow your nose to the obvious HP. (38° 14' 28.4" N, 75° 24' 22.1" W).

Webmaster comment: what is the datum for all of these latitudes and longitudes? Providing values to tenth-arcsecond precision requires that the datum employed is specified.