Aroostook County High Point Trip Report

Peaked Mtn (2,220+ ft)

Date: August 6, 1995
Author: Fred Lobdell

CAUTION: Climbing this mountain requires a bushwhack in a remote area of northern Maine. It is strongly recommended that you not attempt this hike alone. If you were to suffer a disabling injury, it might be months or years before someone found your bones. Also, if you're not confident of your map- and-compass skills, do this hike with someone who is more experienced at such endeavors.

GENERAL: Aroostook County is the largest county in New England. Local residents refer to it simply as The County. There are only seven states that have counties larger than Aroostook, and all of them are in the West.

Most of Aroostook County is owned by lumber companies. Peaked Mountain is in this area. This area is managed by an outfit called North Maine Woods. Access to the area is controlled by North Maine Woods, and fees are charged for day use or for overnight camping. In 1995 the fees were $7.00 per person for day use, and an additional $4.00 for overnight camping. Those camping for one night are not charged an additional fee for the second day. The address and telephone number for North Maine Woods are P. O. Box 421, Ashland, ME 04732; (207) 435-6213. Also available from North Maine Woods, for $2.00, is a Sportsmen's Guide Map, Regulations, and Information.

In the area managed by North Maine Woods, logging trucks have the right of way. In 1995, logging operations were carried on Monday through Thursday. So if you're planning just a one-day or overnight trip to this area, it's probably a good idea to do it over the weekend. I found the gravel roads to be quite good and passable by any sort of vehicle. However, they might become a little muddy after an extended period of rain.

ACCESS: From the junction of Maine routes 11 and 163 in Ashland, go north 0.3 miles to the junction of 11 and 227. ME 11 turns left here; so should you. Another 0.7 miles brings you to the bridge over the Aroostook River. Immediately (0.1 mile) after crossing the bridge, make a left. Bear right at the fork in another 0.6 miles. Another 5.1 miles brings you to the 6 Mile checkpoint. Stop here and pick up your permit after paying your fee. Turn left immediately after the checkpoint (this may be Machias Road) and proceed 9.1 miles to a bridge over the Machias River. Cross the bridge and in another 0.2 miles turn right on Jack Mountain Road. Bear left at the fork in 3.5 miles, and another 5.0 miles will bring you to the height of land on the road. Peaked Mountain will be to your right front (northwest). To summarize these directions:

Mileage Cumulative Mileage Directions
0.0 0.0 junction routes 11 and 163 in Ashland
0.3 0.3 junction routes 11 and 227; turn right, staying on route 11
0.7 1.0 Bridge over Aroostook River
0.1 1.1 Turn left
0.6 1.7 Fork; bear right
5.1 6.8 6 Mile checkpoint; turn left immediately after checkpoint
9.1 15.9 Bridge over Machias River
0.2 16.1 junction with Jack Mountain Road; turn right
3.5 19.6 Fork; bear left
5.0 24.6 Park

The trailhead should be a couple of hundred yards west of you, on the north side of the road. Peaked Mountain is to your right front (northwest).

DIRECTIONS TO SUMMIT: Hike north on an overgrown jeep trail for two or three hundred yards, then at a trail junction turn left (west). Follow this trail for about a half mile, going moderately uphill. The trail becomes more overgrown as you go, eventually petering out altogether. At this point turn right (north) and bushwhack more steeply uphill, reaching a false summit in another half mile. Continue north to the shallow saddle between the false peak and the true summit, crossing a small ravine, and continue bushwhacking uphill to the true summit. This should be reached in about a half mile from the false summit. The summit is wooded and views are poor. At the summit, and also nearby, are outcrops of slate or shale. Return the same way.

NOTE: There are cliffs on the east and southeast side of the mountain. If you stray too far east on your descent, you will find yourself at the top of some cliffs, and will have to work your way around to the west until you find a way down through or around the cliffs.

There may be alternative routes up the mountain. The topographic map shows the first jeep trail continuing in a generally north-northeast direction with another trail branching off to the left about a half mile from Jack Mountain Rd. This branch trail, according to the map, ascends into the saddle between the false summit and the true summit. [I saw no evidence of it in the saddle, however.] If it is still passable, it would make for an easier ascent than the route described above. There is also a trail (described in the AMC Maine Mountain Guide) to the lookout tower on top of Round Mountain. A bushwhack from Round Mtn. over Middle Mtn. to the summit of Peaked Mtn. is probably possible, but it looks to be a considerably longer and probably more difficult route than the one described here.