Aroostook County High Point Trip Report

Peaked Mtn (2,220+ ft)

Date: July 29, 2001
Author: Roy Schweiker

The general comments and driving directions from Fred Lobdell's report of August 6, 1995 are mostly still correct and I will make only a few comments:

* NMW day use fee is still $7 per person but camping fee is up to $6 per person,
    didn't camp so don't know if you still get a bonus day
* Turn L on Rte.11 at 2nd jct. (correct in text, wrong in chart)
* 6 Mile Checkpoint is open 24 hours per day
* Road to L at checkpoint is called Pinkham Road
* Trailhead that Fred describes is apparently at '1112' on map which agrees with
    mileage he gives, height of land on road is approximately 0.4 mi. W

Note that there are many more overgrown woods roads than the map shows and also new clear-cuts. To get to the summit, I optimistically started from the height-of-land on an overgrown road which circled L but finally was more overgrown than the woods so I bushwhacked straight uphill. In a small gully above, I struck an overgrown 2-track road which may be the one that starts at '1112', although I'm not sure. I was able to follow it for nearly a mile from where I hit it and think I recognized the branch trail in the saddle. Finally the road seemed to drop off downhill to the L so I bushwhacked NE to the summit. This contained some thick scrub and 200 vertical feet. Ittook as long as the walk up the road, but eventually broke into some better woods near the summit which I finally approached from the NW.

I expected to find a register and 3 USGS markers but only found a cairn made of flat rocks, even climbed a sticky evergreen tree but could not see a higher peak.

On the way down, I dropped off the summit farther N and the scrub didn't seem as bad, then followed overgrown 2-track back past where I joined it and bushwhacked back to height-of-land rather than following road to see where it came out.

Hike took maybe 3.5 hours.