Aroostook County Highpoint Trip Report

Peaked Mtn

Date: September 14, 2005
Author: Charles Zerphey

Tried to get an early start and got to the 6 mile checkpoint to find the good news that people over 70 years of age don't have to pay the fee. (I'm 75 going on old.) The bad news is that a bridge was out on Jack Mountain Road and would be for at least a week. While I was trying to figure out a new route to get to Peaked Mountain, I met a Maine Bear Guide and a client (bear hunting season was active and moose season was to begin the following week) and he helped me plot a route to Peaked Mountain.

I took a long northern route on American Reality Road north of Big Machias Lake for 38.6 miles. Then south on Barlett Pond Road for what (I'm not quite sure) I believe was 9.1 miles. Then east for 2.5 miles and then north again on a logging road for 0.5 and to a large clear cut. Peaked Mountain is due west and all uphill. As I started up in the thick evergreens I scared a moose and he did the same to me.