Aroostook County Highpoint Trip Report

Peaked Mtn (2,220+ ft)

Date: June 21, 2006
Author: Michael Schwartz

As noted in other reports, the entry fee for out-of-state residents is $8. This is per person, not per carload. Roy Schweiker is correct that the immediate left turn after the checkpoint is onto Pinkham Road. Mileage to the Machias River bridge is 7.9 miles (not 9.1 as listed by Fred Lobdell). The road may have been rerouted. Once on Jack Mountain Road, the fork described by Fred at 3.5 miles is really more going straight through an almost three way intersection. At any rate, stay on the main road. As you approach the very obvious pointed summit of Peaked Mountain, look for the good quality logging road heading north along the east side of the mountain. The road has been extended and goes close to a mile uphill.

We parked at about the 0.5 mile mark and set off west into the woods, maybe 100- 200 yards north of the clear-cut, looking for the orange-ribbon flagging mentioned by others. We quickly found it and followed it through an area of low undergrowth, eventually coming to an old logging road. The ribbons followed the road but, after some time, we lost the flagging. Don't know whether it heads into the forest or follows another road. Since the road appeared to be the one shown on the topo heading west from spot elevation 1209 up to the 1800-foot saddle between the true and false southern summits, we stayed on it. It gets more overgrown but provides easy ascent to the saddle. From there, we struck north, fought our way through a very thick belt of spruce much higher up, and were pleased to find the sharp summit and small cairn.

On the descent, we got too far east and ran afoul of the cliffs on the southeast side of the mountain. A bearing of due south off the summit should return one to the road without problem.

This was prime black fly season and their deer fly and mosquito allies were out in full force as well. Despite frequent and liberal applications of repellent, we were savaged by the six-leggers.