Oxford County Highpoint Trip Report

Old Speck

Date: August 12, 2008
Author: Don Desrosiers

There was a light rain when I came through Gorham, which I should have taken as a sign. By the time I got to Grafton Notch, the sun was shining and life was looking good. So I got the hiking shoes on, put on the pack and headed up the trail.

Somewhere between the lower and upper Eyebrow trails it began to rain -- not hard, mind you, but enough to make life miserable. All the way up the trail my Aussie kept looking at me with an "I'm not having a lot of fun" look. No views in the fog but I did not recall too many when I did this section of the AT in '82 either. The rain definitely made the rocks slippery.

Eventually I got to the left turn off of the AT. From there it was an easy 3/10 mile to the top. Knowing there were views out there someplace, I stared into the fog in all directions. Alas.

A shade over 3 hours up and a bit under 2 1/2 down. It helps when one of your dogs pulls you up.