Penobscot County Highpoint Trip Report

East Turner Mtn

Date: October 2007
Author: Ken Jones

After a generally trackless bushwhack up, we found a glass bottle register hanging from a tree over what may be the highest rock. It had been left there at the beginning of September. It mentioned following the marked boundary line. It turns out that this is the "Indefinite Boundary/Monument Line" marked on the map - we followed it down. I don't know if it's the easiest way up from the east but the surveyors appear to have used a hatchet or machete (sparingly) to remove a few small limbs and it's easier than the way we went up. It is marked (as of October 2007) with pink flagging and with red-orange paint blazes on trees and rocks and with occasional signs reading "Baxter State Park" and a reference to hunting or game (sorry, my memory is fading).

If you are heading for this line, you can start up the best of the overgrown logging roads (the left one) until it dies and then bear left. Keep an eye out for the markings and a GPS would be helpful to get the north/south distance right in case you miss the markings (which are closer together farther up the mountain).