Washington County High Point Trip Report

Pleasant Mountain (1,374 ft) and unnamed point 400 feet north of point 1374 (1,370+ ft)

Date: September 9, 2000
Author: Mike Schwartz

I followed Roy Schweiker's excellent report, with one exception of correcting ME 93 to ME 193. I suspect I parked at exactly the same place as Roy, too. Note for future visitors: The access road off ME 9 had a sign that indicated it would be closed to vehicles during the "mud season" from March 15 to May 15. If the gate is locked, six additional miles of road walking will be added to visit Pleasant Mountain, definitely in the "not worth it" category. (Note: Roy advises that an alternative route, if the access road is closed, is via the south ridge directly from ME 9). I found the cairn mentioned by Roy, but not much worth calling a trail past there. Once on the crest, it was about 1/4 mile to the first summit. The shallow col and the north summit were not visible through the brush and trees. Take compass heading to ensure heading north, and if you don't pick up the saddle almost immediately, backtrack. I also bushwhacked west from the north summit and kept forcing myself south of due west. I never found Roy's overgrown skid road, but intersected the original uphill path about 200 yards above the log landing. R/T from the car was about 1:30.