York County Highpoint Trip Report

two areas on Hosac and Clark Mtns (1,320+ ft)

Date: January 15, 2005
Author: Dave Covill

Not to add more reports to a lengthy list but this is a definitive report. We met at 8AM in Limerick, and we used Mike Schwartz's report approach, as opposed to Bill Schuler's. I called the FR Carroll Quarry, and spoke to office manager Kathy, who relayed my request to owner Frank. They said it was fine to go up their route to Hosac Mountain, past the quarry workings. As in previous reports, do make this call, and park BELOW the gate, and walk the 1.3 miles to the summit of Hosac. There is a small hut near a radio tower, and a plaque says it is the highest in York, ME.

We walked down the icy road, using Stony's insteps, creepers, and Yaktrax, and bushwhacked steeply up Clark Mountain. Clark has a larger contour area than Hosac at 1,320 and, from Hosac, we all agreed that we appeared to be looking through my 5X level at a spot maybe 10+ feet below apparent ground level on Clark, although with the trees on Clark it was difficult to be sure. From Clark, we leveled back through the trees from the high spot and, indeed, we were looking at least 10 feet OVER the top of the hut on Hosac, let alone the ground itself.

I would say Clark is higher by about 10-15 feet. I would credit anyone doing Clark alone, although Hosac is so easy via that paved road that you might as well visit it.

The gate, open on our ascent, was now locked closed. Must have been the fellow scooping snow off of the roadway we passed. Total time was about 2 hours and the climb was about 500 feet up, then another 300 feet up Clark. We left the saddle near the gate by the other private owner's house, being careful to not get near that property. There was no negative signage where we ascended.

FR Carroll = 207-793-4434.