First Ascents for Maine *

* compiled by Bill Jacobs


In the following table the name of each county is followed by the date and surname of the first county highpointer(s) to have visited its highpoint(s). Virgin counties are indicated by "V" in the date column.

-------------- -------- -----------------------
Androscoggin 8/10/1995 Lobdell, Lobdell P
Aroostook 8/10/1995 Lobdell
Cumberland 7/7/1996 Lobdell
Franklin 9/30/1964 Packard
Hancock 7/3/1978 Tagliapietra
Kennebec 7/8/1996 Lobdell
Knox 9/15/1973 Daniell
Lincoln 7/8/1996 Lobdell
Oxford 9/1/1974 Daniell
Penobscot 7/13/1996 Lobdell
Piscataquis 7/10/1951 Johnson
Sagadahoc 8/10/1995 Lobdell, Lobdell P
Somerset 7/14/1974 Daniell
Waldo 9/16/1973 Daniell
Washington 8/8/1995 Lobdell
York 7/7/1996 Lobdell

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