Alcona County Highpoint Trip Report

six areas - including spot elevations 1262 and 1273 (1,260+ feet)

Date: September 5, 2008
Author: Bill Schuler

Curran Quad sections 30, 31 and 32
DeLorme Atlas page 78-C2

Start at MI72 and MI33 north of Mio. This point can be driven to from the north or west taking exit 254 on I-75 and going east on MI72 for about 29 miles or from the south taking exit 202 on I-75 and traveling north on MI33 for about 43 miles. Zero odometer.

0.0   MI72 at MI33 Go east on MI72 (Miller Road).

23.0 MI65 (North Curran Road) Turn right (south) on MI65/MI72.
24.5 Drive through Curran, the Black Bear Capitol of Michigan.
25.0 West Small road Turn left (east).
25.5 Reeves Road Continue straight ahead (east) on dirt on West Small Road.
25.7 Gate Park.

Hike 1.1 miles east past a bump on your left, through pastures, woods, ferns and fences, then go 1.3 miles Northeast up a wooded ridge until finally hitting the upper portion of Tower Road to the Curran Tower site (Area #1). This is the only way I found to avoid deliberately ignoring the profusion of No Trespassing signs and locked gates in the area. Even property owners in the area could only go to their own place and back with no detours and were reluctant to allow anyone even as far as their place. Casual hiking was not allowed beyond the gates. Visitors were unwelcome, to say the least. Keep a low profile and return directly to West Small Road. Drive West.

25.9 Reeves Road Turn left (south).
26.4 MI65/MI72 (North Curran Road) Turn right (west).
27.2 Ritchie Road Turn left (west).
27.5 Aspen Alley Road (F32) Turn left (south).
28.3 FS 4312 - Dirt road to the right Turn right.
29.8 Dirt road Keep right at the Y.
30.4 Dirt road Turn right (north) High clearance vehicle desired.
31.5 Turn left off road and park or drive 200 feet further if you dare.

Hike to Area #2 in about 0.3 mile to the west. This is spot elevation 1273 feet in Section 31. Roads are iffy but generally OK for low clearance vehicles.

Areas #3, #4 and #5 are 0.3 mile west-southwest of Area #2 and over an intermediate bump, through close woods and are vague. I used my GPS to verify their locations. Return to my vehicle also required GPS so be sure to get a reading (waypoint) before you leave it. Return to Aspen Alley Road (F32). Turn right and go South to Au Sable Road. Turn right and zero your odometer again.

0.0   Aspen Alley Road (F32) at Au Sable Road Turn right (still on F32).
1.9   Hardy Grade Road Turn right (north).
3.8   Hardy Grade Road Keep right at the Y.
3.9   Dirt road Turn right (east).
4.9   Arrive at Area #6, spot elevation 1262 feet.

Roam around a bit to ensure getting the high point.