Arenac County Highpoint Trip Report

one area (870+ ft)

Date: September 10, 2005
Author: Bill Schuler

Starling quadrangle section 10 and Delorme Atlas page 70

Note: This report is along the Interstate 75 corridor and mileages start from the Interstate median.

Driving directions

At I-75, exit 195, and Sterling Road, zero odometer.

0.0 I-75 and Sterling Road - go west on Sterling Road.
1.0 Kern Road - Dirt - turn right (north).
2.0 Lucas Road - turn left (west).
2.6 Sterling Truck Trail - turn sharp right.
3.3 Park.

Hiking directions

The high point is 0.6 mile due north from here. Bushwhack across a logged-over, slash area to trees. Follow a low ridge up and down to the top. I used my GPS to find it. Beware of swampy areas. Y ou can see the Interstate to the northeast from the top and, indeed, you can hear the traffic noise along the route.