Baraga County High Point Trip Report

Author: Roy Schweiker

The description below is for Mount Curwood, the highest point in Baraga County (and MI) according to the USGS 1:100,000 scale map. The Highpointers Club considers Mount Arvon the high point as the USGS 1:24,000 maps show it higher. Andy Martin lists both in his book. I suggest you bag both while in MI in case the USGS changes their mind.

When I climbed Mt Arvon a couple decades ago (before any published routes were available) I stopped at the Baraga County Tourist & Recreation Association and bought a logging road map for 50 cents. This time I asked about Mt. Curwood, and they said a guy had just gotten permission to mark the route and they made me a copy of his notes. They expect to produce a brochure similar to Mt. Arvon. Here are my notes until then:

0.0 Start at Tourist & Recreation Association 755 E. Broad St. in L'Anse (right where US-41N swings left). Go south on US-41.
0.6 Go left on Dynamite Hill Road and follow its twists and turns.
4.1 Pavement ends. Go right at the fork. This is Silver Road. (Arvon Road goes left although sign is on the right. Note that this is not a good approach to Mt. Arvon.) There are blue diamonds at some intersections but no label that they point to Mt. Curwood. Stay on main road and avoid side roads.
6.9 "Greenhouse". Power lines end and road less traveled beyond.
11.2 Turn right and cross bridge. Road is now one lane but still OK.
11.7 Turn left and then right at fork just beyond, grass in center much of way beyond.
15.3 Go left at clearing with parking space. Road is muddier with more ledge beyond, although a careful driver in a passenger car might make it.
16.0 Cable and snow fence across road. Go left on ATV trail 100 yards to summit with benchmark and CMC register in rusty mailbox. Marker in concrete slightly above ground level.
The map shows a couple additional contours to the north which I did not visit although it wouldn't be hard.