Bay County Highpoint Trip Report

one area (845+ ft)

Date: September 10, 2005
Author: Bill Schuler

Bentley quadrangle section 7 and Delorme Atlas pages 59-60

Note: This report is along the Interstate 75 corridor and mileages start from the Interstate median.

Driving directions

From I-75, exit 190 at MI-61, zero odometer.

0.0 I-75 and MI-61 - go west on MI-61.
1.4 Bay county line - continue straight (west).
6.3 Unsigned Frijole Road, dirt, to the left - turn left (south).
7.3 Stevenson Road on right - park.

Hiking directions

I hiked west between a cornfield and some woods. After 0.2 mile the track swings southwest, then northwest to a junction at about 0.8 mile. I continued to the right (north) for 0.4 mile to another junction. I turned right again and gained a saddle. The track continued north to another saddle in 0.4 mile. The high point is a short bushwhack to the right (north) in 0.1 mile. I used my GPS continuously to be sure where I was. Don't try to cut cross-country as it's quite marshy. Stay on the track. Total round-trip distance was about 3.5 miles. Pleasant but with few views.