Bay County Highpoint Trip Report

one tiny area 700 feet south of center of section 7-18N-3E (845+ ft)

Date: April 29, 2007
Author: Andy Hatzos

Bay County's high point is located behind a field on a farm and would not have been easy to reach without the help of the landowner!

Starting from the I-75 corridor, I went west on M-61 until reaching Flajole Road. About 0.6 mile south of here is the home of Louise Wilson; the first building on the right. She was extremely friendly and assisted me in reaching the high point, which is due west of her house. The path through the field begins just north of her driveway.

The area with the high point is essentially the north end of a large sand pit. The highest ground is probably a bit transient, so I hiked along the ridge of the sand pit to make sure I touched it. Mrs. Wilson said that there may be some sort of sign or marker to indicate the area as the highest point in the county. I didn't find anything, though, and the NGS website does not list any survey points nearby. The ridge along the sand pit was absolutely covered in thorn plants and I made the mistake of wearing shorts. This is not recommended.

So, I would certainly recommend stopping by the Wilson home for permission to do this one. Their two dogs were probably the friendliest canines I've ever encountered.

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