Benzie County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: September 11, 2007
Author: Bill Schuler

This is an easy county. From CR-669 (Thompsonville Road) at MI-115, just Northwest of Copemish, zero your odometer.

0.0   MI-115 at CR-669 - Go north on CR-669, Thompsonville Road.
3.1   CR-602, North Street at the blinking light - Turn right on CR-602.
5.8   CR-700, Nesson Road - Continue straight ahead.
8.1   Dinger Road - Continue straight ahead. It's now CR-604 (Lindy Road).
9.0   CR-665 (Traverse Road) at the Benzie/Manistee county line - Turn left (north) on CR-665.

10.0 Stanton Road - Turn left (west) onto dirt.
10.6 20419 Stanton Road - Pull in to the driveway and park.

Ask permission to hike 0.15 mile southeast to the high point in open woods. An alternative is to stop 0.1 mile before the driveway and hike through the open field and woods for 0.2 mile.