Calhoun County Highpoint Trip Report

Dixon Hill (1,106 ft)

Date: September 16, 2004
Author: Bill Schuler

From I-69 and Highway 60, zero odometer.

0.0 I-69 at Highway 60 - Go west on Highway 60
1.8 Aldrich Road on the right and Jackson Road on the left -
      Turn left (south) and go to 13326 Jackson Road at the curve in the road.
1.9 Meet Becky DaVinney and get permission to climb to the high point.
2.0 Back at Highway 60 - go straight ahead on Aldrich Road (north).
2.1 13 1/2 road (dirt) - go straight ahead on 13 1/2.
2.3 Gated dirt road on left - Park

Hike the dirt road. This is the road that shows on the topo as going to the sand pits. In reality, it goes all the way to the top in 0.4 mile, as does an ATV track just north of the road.