Delta County Highpoint Trip Report

spot elevation (1,068 ft) and one area (1,063+ ft)

Date: September 13, 2005
Author: Bill Schuler

on McFarland quadrangle Sections 6 and 18; Delorme atlas Page 101

Note: This report is along the Interstate 75 corridor and mileages start from the Interstate median.

Driving directions for area #1

From the junction of US-2 and US-41 in Rapid River, MI, zero odometer.

0.0   US-2 and US-41 - go West on 2/41.
0.3   Hwy 186 - turn right (W) toward Brampton.
4.7   MI-35 - turn right (N).

Note: This point can also be reached from the south where MI-35 meets US-2/41 in Gladstone.
Turn north on MI-35. Go 7.2 miles to Highway 186, and then add 2.0 miles to the following odometer readings.

  7.7   Village of Perkins - T junction and signal - turn left (north) still on MI-35.
  8.6   County road H-14 on the left - go straight (north).
13.1   Lathrop Road on the right - continue straight (north).
13.6   Turn left and cross the railroad tracks into a driveway - park.

Hiking directions for area #1

With permission, hike west 0.15 mile.
Roam around to find the Northern high point at 1,063+ ft.
Return to the car and head South on MI-35.

Driving directions from area #1 (Northern) to area #2 (southern)

13.8   At MI-35 - turn right (south).
14.3   Lathrop Road on the left - continue straight (south).
16.9   County Road H-14 - dirt - turn right (west).
17.5   Locked gate - park.

Hiking directions for area #2 (southern)

You are about one mile from the spot elevation and as close as you can drive if the gate is locked. I crossed the gate and followed the road as it bends west and then north. After about 0.8 mile, I bushwhacked Northwest to the highest point for Area #2. I verified with a GPS reading. I expected the route to be swampy but it was mostly dry at this time of the year.