Emmet County Highpoint Trip Report

two areas - BM "Graham" (1,329 ft) and Nubs Nob (1,338 ft (?))

Date: September 12, 2005
Author: Bill Schuler

on Harbor Springs quadrangle Sections 32/24 and Delorme atlas Page 82

Note: This report is along the Interstate 75 corridor and mileages start from the Interstate median.

Driving directions for area #1

From I-75, exit 310 at MI-68, zero odometer.

  0.0   I-75 and MI-68 - go West on MI-68.
  8.0   Emmet/Cheboygan county line - go straight (west).
10.7   US-31 - turn left (southwest).
15.8   West Conway Road - turn right (north).
22.5   Highland Road - turn left (west).
23.2   Boyle Highlands entrance - continue straight (west).
23.7   Hedrick Road - dirt - turn right (north).
23.9   Turn left into the ski shop area.

Go behind the yellow shed and to the right of the blue roofed shed/garage to find the unmarked road (4 wheel drive). Ask at one of the shops for the road to Graham Chapel if you can't find it.

Hiking directions

Walk or 4-wheel drive this road for 1.0 mile keeping left all the way to the second ski lift terminal. Find the large sign showing the way to Graham Chapel. Continue for 0.1 mi. to the chapel which is on the highest point for area #1. I found the BM "Graham" in the grass about 100' down beyond the chapel on the way to a Radio Tower. Good views of Lake Michigan on the way up and down. Drive back out to Highland Road and re-zero odometer.

Driving directions for area #2

0.0   Drive East on Highland Road.
0.9   Pleasant View Road - turn left (north).
1.2   Nubs Nob Ski Resort sign - turn right (east).
1.5   Turn right - follow Ski Resort signs.
1.9   Parking lot - park.

I hiked up below the Orange Triple Lift to the top of Nubs Nob, a steep 500-foot elevation gain.