Houghton County Highpoint Trip Report

seven areas (1,657+ ft (505 m)), including spot elevation 1,663 ft (507 m)

Date: October 14, 2002
Author: Bob Schwab

one area at the old Trout Creek Look-Out Site

From the Houghton/Ontonagon county line on Route 28, travel west for 1 mile to an intersection just south of Trout Creek. Turn left and drive south on Mill Pond Road for about 2.1 miles to the intersection with Forest Road 4500. Bear left on FR 4500 for about another 0.4 mile to spot elevation 404 meters and turn left into this lane (posted?). Drive in about 0.2 mile and park. Hike up the old road which ends abruptly on the knoll’s shoulder and bushwhack to the top. The knoll is quite steep and it was slippery with fresh wet snow when I visited. The county line cuts right over the top which seems to be near a rock just north of the clearing but wander a bit to the east just to be sure you have this one. On the way down, I tried to watch for the trail shown on the topo that leads east toward the other two areas about 0.75 mile distant but saw no trace of anything I felt like following down the steep slope.

two areas 0.75 mile east-northeast of Trout Creek Look-Out Site

Return to Mill Pond Road and continue south for a little more than 0.8 mile to another path going to your left (posted?). Turn left and drive east 0.9 mile all the way to spot elevation 462 meters if you can. Park here and follow an old logging road/path north that basically heads right toward the eastern knoll that you need to visit next. Once you get near the base, find a trail that goes west and follow it until you start to lose elevation. Bushwhack north around the western side of this knoll and find a way up the western slope. It is steep and rocky in places. The larger contour at the top is higher than the tiny spot just to the east. I felt the highest ground here was near a stump on the ridge.

one area on the county line

Return to Mill Pond Road and go south another 0.95 mile to a slight bend in the road and park here. Hike east into the woods (not posted) to a clear-cut area (the county line) where the contour straddles the county line. Wander around in the cutover area until satisfied.

three areas including spot elevation 1,663 ft (507 m)

Continue southeast on Mill Pond Road another 0.25 mile. Bear left and, at 0.4 mile beyond the intersection, find a place to park There were remnants of significant logging here (not posted). I followed a log path that went north, then east, then northeast. There is some soggy ground here, so stay to the right until you get near the high ground. Continue along the path in a northeasterly direction to the prominent gully or ravine shown on the topo map (46° 25' 22" N, 88° 58' 36" W).

When you get here, follow the ravine northwest into the woods, it will point you directly to the middle contour on top. This is the largest area of the three and was kind of a mess from the logging activity. I found several bumps in here, including one very close to a tree blind on the ground. A small (tiny) area is to the north and the spot elevation site is back behind you to the southeast, along the ridge. I felt the spot elevation site was as high as anything I had encountered all day and I exited by dropping back down into the ravine.