Huron County Highpoint Trip Report

one small area (870+ ft)

11 areas along ridge (870+ ft)

Date: September 6, 2007
Author: Bill Schuler

The 12 points are situated in three areas. I started from the corner of Main Street and Cass Street in Minden City after doing the last point in Sanilac County. See the approach to Minden City in my Sanilac County report. Zero odometer at this intersection.

0.0   Main Street at Cass Street - Go north on gravel Cass Street.
2.8   Atwater Road - Turn left (west). Nice shrine at this corner.
5.6   High point in the road - Park.

Get permission from the house to the south, then hike up the hill 0.15 mile to the woods for the Area #1 in Section 28 on the Minden City quad. Return to the car and drive west to the Ubly area.

11.0   MI-19 (Ubly Road) - Turn right (north).
11.7   Valley Cemetery on the left. Turn in, go to the southwest corner and park.

This area is for the 5 points in Section 21 of the Ubly quad. The points are numbered from northeast to southwest as 1/5 to 5/5. The area takes a bit of hiking. Start out hiking to the southwest. Point #1/5 is 0.5 mile away in the woods. Continue 0.1 mile to point #2/5 at the edge of the woods. Area #3/5 is 0.13 mile South of #2/5. Area #4/5 is 0.2 mile west-southwest of #3/5 and Area #5/5 is 0.1 mile to the southwest. Your car is 1 mile northeast of here. Return to #1/5 bypassing the other three and then retrace your steps to the cemetery. This land is mostly open pastures with a small grove of woods and low cornfields.

Now for the 6 areas in Section 10 of the Ubly Quad.

12.2   Back at MI-19 (Ubly Road) - Turn left (north).
13.4   Premier Road - Turn right (east).
13.9   Park at the pole.

Hiking was through fallow cornfields (in September) and one grove of trees and are numbered Southwest to northeast as 1/6 to 6/6.

Point #1/6 is 0.24 mile northeast of your vehicle with a few ups and downs.
Point #2/6 is 0.12 mile east-northeast of #1/6.
Point #3/6 is 0.12 mile north-northwest of #2/6.
Point #4/6 is 0.35 mile northeast of #3/6.
Point #5/6 is 0.20 mile north of #4/6.
Point #6/6 is 0.10 mile northeast of #5/6.

This finishes the county and your vehicle is 0.7 mile southwest with many minor ups and downs on the return.