Ingham County Highpoint Trip Report

Teaspoon Hill (1,050+ ft)

Date: August 14, 2008
Author: John Hasch

I followed previous directions to the home at the crest of the hill. I visited much of this area as I went to two different doors to knock. A man greeted me, and I told him of my HP business there. I showed him my topo maps and I inquired if he had ever wandered the area to visit the highest ground. He told me no but he had heard that the higher ground was across the road in the orchard (confirming previous trip reports). He offered to give me the phone number of the land owner and I gladly accepted. He told me the landowner was absentee.

Deciding it would take longer to get permission, I followed the Bob Schwab notes to a nearby road and turnout parking spot. The area is severely overgrown and untended. There are lots of raspberry bushes and other thorns. (Note to self: in the future, be prepared with long pants and sleeves. It will take a few days for the many obvious scratches to heal from my arms and legs!)

As I wandered through the orchard, my GPS confirmed that the highest ground was indeed in this area. Some of the higher readings were taken immediately across the road from the house I could see through the brush to the south. Be prepared. This would not be a difficult bushwhack for someone who is properly clothed.