Ionia County Highpoint Trip Report

five areas (950+ ft)

Date: October 13, 2001
Author: Bob Schwab

There are five contours in this extreme northwest corner of the county and three of them are dissected by roads. All five lie within an active orchard.

From the intersection of Routes 44 and 91 just west of Belding, go west on Route 44 for 2.6 miles to the county line (Montcalm Avenue). Turn right and drive north on Montcalm Avenue for about 1.5 miles to Fisk Road. Continue north for about 0.5 mile and you will cut across the first contour, which intrudes from the west. By "circling the block" you will drive across two more contours on Jenks Road (parallels Montcalm Avenue, about 0.5 mile to the east). There are east-west orchard access roads that can be followed (with permission) to visit the two interior areas. I thought the western and the southern contours were the highest, but all five can be visited quite easily.