Iosco County Highpoint Trip Report

three areas (1,080+ ft)

Date: September 10, 2005
Author: Bill Schuler

Goodar quadrangle section 6 and Delorme Atlas pages 70 and 78

Note: This report is along the Interstate 75 corridor and mileages start from the Interstate median.

Driving directions

From I-75 at exit 202 and MI-33, zero odometer.

  0.0 I-75 and MI-33 - go north on MI-33.
19.9 Main Street/Rose City Road - turn right (east).
31.7 South Branch Road - turn left - mileage may not be accurate due to forced detour.
38.0 Alcona/Iosco county line - park.

Hiking directions

Walk back 0.1 mile to a dirt road heading east. This road takes you into the center of Area #1 in 0.2 mile. Bushwhack east-southeast for 0.3 mile to Area #3, passing over tiny Area #2 on the way.