Lapeer County Highpoint Trip Report

Mt Christie

Date: June 27, 2004
Author: Roy Schweiker

Bob Schwab's directions were good enough that I didn't even look at the USGS map, although I used a DeLorme Atlas to approach from the west. You want the west entrance to Christie Estates, between pillars with a booth in the middle of the road. A sign says Welcome instead of Keep Out, maybe because they still have lots to sell.

The summit road is about 0.1 mile and a little rough, there is a tiny space at the bottom where you could park. Then up 50 yards of grass to the summit gazebo. Apparently Andy Martin was just there as there were tire tracks in the grass where somebody Martinized it.

As to the BM, it isn't shown on the 1968 USGS map and the NOAA web site says it was reported missing in 1980, so I'm not sure why it is on the 1991 USGS map.