Luce County High Point Trip Report

two areas including BM at 1,197 ft (1,190+ ft)

Date: June 28, 2002
Author: Bob Schwab

Since there are three county highpoints in close proximity here (Alger, Luce, and Schoolcraft), consider visiting all of them while you are in this area. Approach the area by driving 14.25 miles south from Grand Marais (on Route 77) to Lavender Corner, or drive north 11 miles from the intersection of Routes 77 and 28. From Lavender Corner, drive east on very sandy roads for about 4.3 miles and watch for a rise on your immediate left. Stay left at the fork in the road at 2.8 miles. This spot is about 0.5 mile northeast of the Alger County access site. Park on the curve and head up the hill to visit the western area. Another 0.1 mile down the road, enter the woods to your right (east) and head for the high ground. I found the witness post (itís bent down and hard to spot) but didnít see BM 1197. The highpoint is near a fallen tree.