Menominee County Highpoint Trip Report

one area (1,171+ ft)

Date: September 13, 2005
Author: Bill Schuler

on Waucedah quadrangle Section 17 and Delorme atlas Page 88

Note: This report is along the Interstate 75 corridor and mileages start from the Interstate median.

Driving directions

From US-2 and County Road G-69 (Foster City Road) in Waucedah, zero odometer.

0.0   US-2 and G-69 - go right (north) on G-69.
0.1   Beaver Pete Road - go straight ahead (east).
2.6   NO-45 Road - dirt - continue straight (east).
3.2   T in the road - turn left (borth) onto a dirt track.
        (right turn ends at a locked gate) and keep left at the "Y".
3.9   House - park.

Hiking directions

With permission, I bushwhacked almost due east to the high point about 0.9 mile from the house. I used my GPS to pass Leaper Lake on my right and Spruce Lake (didn't see it) on my left. From the saddle separating the two lakes, there's a west-facing ridge going right to the (now obvious) top, a good stiff climb. The owner at the house said that most of the land (and roads) in the area are owned by a timber company and they open and close the roads in the area at their whim. His road stays open, though.