Monroe County Highpoint Trip Report

one area with spot elevation 735 ft and three areas (730+ ft)

Date: September 8, 2005
Author: Bill Schuler

Macon quadrangle and Delorme Atlas page 32

This is a rough county to bag due to the size of the areas involved.

Driving/Hiking directions

From the intersection of US23 and Plank Road in Milan, MI, zero odometer.

0.0 US23 at Plank Road - go west on Plank Road,
      it turns to Main Street - continue straight (west).
1.5 Platt Road - turn left (south).
2.5 Redman Road - turn right (west).
4.5 Dennison Road - turns to gravel - continue straight (west).
6.0 Westfall Road - continue straight (west).
6.3 Rise in the road - park - check out the yard to the left and surrounding
      area for Area #1, spot elevation 735 - continue driving straight ahead (west).
6.6 North County Line Highway (Lenawee/Monroe county line) - turn right (north).
6.8 Ridge Road - continue straight (north).
7.1 Hack Road - park - tri-county point for Area #2 - Check out the area 0.2
      mile southeast across a creek for Area #3 - turn right (east) on Hack Road.
7.5 Ridge Road/Hack Road/ Westfall Road intersection - park - I walked back
      southwest to the North County Road on the north side of Ridge Road and returned
      (northeast) to Hack Road on the south side of Ridge Road, hitting any high spots.
      It took 45 minutes for this portion of Area #4 - turn right (south) onto Westfall Road.
7.6 Park and explore behind the barn on the left and into the woods beyond.
      A large area so I roamed for another 1/2 hour to finish Area #4 - The right side
      (west) of the road leveled lower so I didn't walk it.
8.1 Redman Road - turn left (east) to get back to town.

Note: Total time for this county was almost 3 hours.