Newaygo County High Point Trip Report

Date: October 12, 2001
Author: Bob Schwab

one area at radio tower in section 15-16N-11W (1,350+ ft)

From exit 142 on US 131, drive west on 19 Mile Road for 1.5 miles. Turn right on Newcosta Avenue (county line road) and drive north for 3 miles. Turn left and drive west on 16 Mile Road for about 2.5 miles. After the road becomes dirt, watch for a gate (posted) on your left, almost opposite a driveway to the north. Park here and hike southwest on the path behind the gate for 0.35 mile to a prominent rise where the tower is located. The highest spot appears to be immediately west of the tower. This area is impressive because you keep ascending right up to the tower and there's not much flat ground at the top.

one tiny area in section 24-15N-11W (1,345+ ft, 410 m)

Leave US 131 at exit 139 and drive west on Michigan Route 20 for 2.9 miles. After the road has gently curved around a bit, watch for a sand road going off to the south. This is the access road you can use to seek out the highpoint of Mecosta County if you are so inclined (a bushwhack which will probably require GPS assistance). Continue west for another 0.3 mile on Route 20 and watch for a gated road to the left (south). Park here and hike up the access road. It will curve to the west, bend south, ascend a small ridge and then head east to a fairly new transmitter tower. Continue east past the tower and transmitter building into the woods for about 150 feet to a small spot which rises just a bit above the surrounding area. This contour (area 2) is tiny, lacks prominence and is metric (the equivalent of only 1345 feet), thus it is likely that area 1 (which is 1350+ feet) is the highest spot in Newaygo County.