Presque Isle County Highpoint Trip Report

six areas (950+ feet)

Date: September 7, 2008
Author: Bill Schuler

two areas on Moltke Quad sections 26/27
three areas on Cranberry Lake Quad sections 19/31/35
one area on Onaway Quad, SW 1/4 of NW 1/4 of section 28

DeLorme Atlas page 83–B7,C7 and page 84–A2

From the intersection of MI-68 and MI-23 in Rogers City, zero odometer.

0.0   MI-68 at MI-23 – Go west on MI-68.
4.7   Gravel road on left – Turn left(south).
4.9   WHAK Radio Tower – Park.
        You are at Area #1 by hiking near the tower. Return to MI-68.
5.1   MI-68 – Turn left (west).
5.5   South Ward Branch Road – Turn left (south).
6.4   Mailbox #1874 – Turn right and up the driveway.
        With permission, continue up to the garage and Ham radio antenna for Area #2.
        Return to South Ward Branch Road.
6.6   South Ward Branch Road – Turn left (north).
7.5   MI-68 – Turn left (west).

16.1 Millersburg Road – Turn left (south).
19.6 Wild Cat Highway – Bear right at the Y.
20.1 Rainy Lake Road – Turn left.
22.1 5 Mile Highway – Turn right.
22.8 Rainy Lake Road – Turn left.
23.1 Road turns to gravel – Continue straight ahead.
25.2 Aviator Highway – Unsigned dirt road on the right – Turn right.
26.3 Tomahawk Road – unsigned – Keep left on Tomahawk Road.
27.6 Turn left off of Tomahawk Road and park.

You are at Area #3. The high point may be in the road but check the area in the woods and in the open under the wire. Lots of “No Hunting/Trespassing” signs in the area. I saw two turkeys, a skunk and a porcupine. Return to Tomahawk Road.

29.7 Tomahawk Road – Turn left.
32.3 Rainy Lake Road – Turn right.
32.5 Keep right at the Y.
33.0 Rainy Lake Road – Turn right.
34.3 Rainy Lake Road – Turn right.
35.4 Mertz Road – Turn left.
36.5 Branch Road (unsigned) – Turn right.
36.7 Track on right – Turn right or park and walk.
37.3 Park.

The high point for Area #4 is on the right, 0.1 mile northwest through thick new growth trees. I needed the GPS to verify it’s location. Turn around and return to Branch Road.

37.9 Branch Road – Turn left.
38.8 Mertz Road – Turn right.
40.1 Deer Road – Turn right on Mertz Road.
41.3 End of road at Private Property. Park.

Follow ATV tracks East for about 2.5 miles. I did a bit of wandering but finally got to the Area #5 high point. I ran out of daylight on the way back and needed the GPS to find my vehicle. I spent the night in Onaway.

NOTE: The roads in this area are confusing and seldom marked correctly. My car GPS was sometimes off by as much as 0.2 mile to an intersection and other times was right on the money. Roads varied in difficulty, direction and clearance. ATV tracks abound in all directions. My car GPS took me in circles twice. In short, treat all directions, mileages and routes with a grain of salt. It’s a great area for exploring with lots of wildlife. Clear-cut areas are an eyesore but also provide routes when needed. Good luck.

For the last area: At MI-68/33 and MI-33 in Onaway, zero odometer.

0.0   MI-68/33 at MI-33 – Drive South on MI-33.
2.0   CR-638 – Turn left on CR-638 (east).
2.5   Pickett Road – Gravel – Turn right (south).
3.5   3 Mile Highway – Turn left (east).
4.0   Driveway on right just before a tree farm, at Mailbox 19947.
        Turn right up the driveway (south).
6.6   Road turns right to a garage and then left to a house. After going to the
        house for permission to hike, return to this corner to park.

Hike south, following the track, GPS and compass for 0.5 mile to Area #6. I was refused access at three other places before finding a sympathetic owner. He said the peak was in public land but owners gate the roads anyway.