Roscommon County Highpoint Trip Report

BM at Indian Springs Lookout Tower - section 14-22N-1W (1,579 ft)

Date: April 29, 2007
Author: Andy Hatzos

Don't be deceived by the colorful description on the topo map -- there's no lookout tower here. The highest point in lower Michigan east of US-127 is instead occupied by a microwave broadcast tower, which is owned by my alma mater, Central Michigan University.

This high point is pretty easy to get to. I began in Prudenville and headed east on M-55. I zeroed my odometer at the intersection with M-76. At 0.5 mile, a road turns off to the east. I followed this road and nearly bottomed out my car on a few occasions. At 0.9 mile, there is an intersection. I went left (north) and reached the summit at 1.1 miles. A large portion of the summit is fenced.

The benchmark "Indian", dated 1932, is located near the southeast corner of the fenced area. The NGS website lists the point at 1,580 feet, while the topo map lists it at 1,579 feet. There are two reference marks nearby, which I did not seek out. I carefully examined the summit and determined that there is no appreciably higher ground within the fenced area. Thus, thankfully, there is no need to get inside. There are small rises near the southeast and southwest corners of the fenced area that I believe are the highest ground.

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