Sanilac County Highpoint Trip Report

five areas (900+ and 905+ ft)

Date: September 6, 2007
Author: Bill Schuler

From I-69, exit 168 at MI-53, zero odometer.

0.0   I-69 at MI-53 - Go north on MI-53.

11.3   Airport Road - Turn left(west).
11.6   Road turns left - Turn left.
11.7   Burton Aviation hangar - Park.

Get permission to walk north on the runway to the area #1 high point. It is the obvious rise just left(west) of the end of the runway 1/2 mile away. Drive back out to MI-53.

12.1   MI-53 - Turn left(north) on Van Dyke Road.
13.1   Marlette Road at the second signal in Marlette - Turn left (west).
15.3   Page Road at the Tuscola/Lapeer county line - Turn left (south).
15.6   9790 Page Road - Park.

Get permission from Mr. George to hike to the three highpoints on his property. Area #2 is only 0.14 mile east, area #3 is 0.38 mile, and area #4 is 0.41 mile away, less than a mile roundtrip. All points are reached along a pole line track running east/west and north of a cornfield. The railroad right-of-way is also good. If there is no corn, it may be easier to drive closer to the peaks.

0.0   George house - Go south.
0.1   Albertson Road past the RR tracks - Turn left (east).
0.4   Park - Hike north for the three areas

Return to the George house. The last point is in the northeast corner of the county, a good distance away.

16.0   Marlette Road - Turn right (east).
18.0   Back at the signal at MI-53 in Marlette - Turn left (north).
          Reset your odometer if you wish. I didn't.
41.3   Bay City/Forestville Road - Turn right (east).
49.2   Route MI-19 - Continue straight (east).
56.2   Parisville Road (Mileage estimated
          as I had to detour around this area).
56.6   Park.

Get permission to hike at house #1201. Hike 0.13 mile north alongside the woods and then jog left to the top of area #5. This parking spot can be reached by going west on Main Street at Cass Street in Minden City in about 1 mile. Main Street at Cass Street can also be the starting point for the Huron County high points. See my Huron County report.