Schoolcraft County High Point Trip Report

one area (1,050+ ft)

Date: June 28, 2002
Author: Bob Schwab

Since there are three county highpoints in close proximity here (Alger, Luce, and Schoolcraft), consider visiting all of them while you are in this area. Approach the area by driving 14.25 miles south from Grand Marais (on Route 77) to Lavender Corner, or drive north 11 miles from the intersection of Routes 77 and 28. From Lavender Corner, drive east on very sandy roads for about 2.8 miles to a fork in the road. Follow the right fork east for about 0.8 mile (the left fork goes to access points for Alger and Luce county HPs). Hike north, following a faint trail to a small cut over area, then north up a gentle ridge. Continue north until you come to a small 1,060-foot contour in Alger County (you’ll know because you can look down as you look north). Turn around and go just a few steps south and you’ll be standing on the county line. This "liner" is just under 1,060 feet elevation.