Shiawassee County Highpoint Trip Report

one area (960+ ft)

Date: September 8, 2005
Author: Bill Schuler

Shaftsburg quadrangle and Delorme Atlas page 39

Driving directions

From I-69 in Lansing, go east to exit 98 and zero odometer.

0.0 Exit 98 - turn right (south) from exit ramp then immediately left (east)
      onto Lansing Road, a frontage (service) road.
3.4 Shaftsburg Road - turn right (south) - go straight through town.
5.8 Lovejoy Road - turn right (west) along the Shiawassee/Ingham county line.
6.3 Oakes Road on the right - go straight (west).
6.5 Driveway at 7818 Lovejoy Road - turn right (north).
6.6 House - park and ask permission.

Hiking directions

The owner drove up on a motorcycle as I pulled into the driveway. I told him what I was doing there and showed him my Topozone maps. When I asked for permission to search for the highest point in the kidney-shaped contour, he asked me to follow him. We entered the woods on an ATV track, dropped a bit and went up to a high area which he thought was the highest on his property. I mentioned that an area to the left looked like it could be higher. He said that was still his property so we walked over there. It still seemed higher to the left so we kept walking up a slight rise ending up very near a storage shed to the left of his home. He stated that he didn't realize that his house was on the highest point in the county (hmmmm). He also said that he has climbed a number of state high points. He stressed the fact that he didn't want a bunch of County Highpointers roaming all around his property without his knowing about it, so please ask for permission. He was impressed that I would come all the way from southern California to climb his little hill.